Supporting your HAF programme

HolidayActivities is a platform designed and built specifically to support effective HAF programmes, enabling local authorities, activity providers and recipients easily and securely engage in HAF activities.

Engage all your eligible families and benefit from live eligibility data to compliant reporting for The Department for Education (DfE).

Control and visibility

A central account for LAs to; view activity providers and available activities, to easily distribute vouchers and monitor their full life cycle.

Simple and secure

Order and send vouchers via email or text message within minutes whilst meeting data

protection obligations.

Partnership with schools

Work directly with your local schools to distribute vouchers to eligible families using

real-time MIS data.

How it works for you

Our simple, cost effective solution can be implemented within days, enabling parents and eligible families to have access to first line support by our team.

1. Connect to school MIS

Gain instant access to FSM eligible students and parent contact details via the secure Wonde portal.

2. Order and send vouchers

Vouchers can be procured and distributed within minutes via email or text message.

3. Parents book with provider

Vouchers enable parents to browse available providers of HAF. Parents are able to filter by postcode, activity type or date range and make necessary bookings directly.

4. HAF programme is up and running

The LA can view booking details and access live and detailed reporting while families can enjoy the fun and activities of your HAF programme.

Providing support and solutions at scale


Vouchers issued


Eligible families reached


Local authorities supported


Schools accessing

Why HolidayActivities?

  • Increase in the number of participants between holiday periods.
  • Access live and detailed DfE compliant reporting.
  • Reach all your schools and their eligible families quickly and efficiently.
  • Control voucher procurement and distribution.
  • Access two options of platform depending on requirements.
  • Encourage parents to book directly with activity providers.

We’re here to help

Access step-by-step guides, submit a support request or ask a question. Our team is ready to support you.